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Lohalo application simple use the message's location and its hashtag to deliver the message to other users, providing an instant and unique way to communicate with people based on common interests without the contact information. A far better way to communicate based on location and interests.

In Lohalo, a message can be sent up to 10 miles (minimum 0.1 miles) and it is received by other users if they are within the message radius and are interested in same topics (hashtags).

A message can be sent as:

Standard – Send message to all users if they are within the message radius and interested in same hashtags.

Nearby – Send Message to all Users if they are within the message radius of 0.5 mi. (2640 ft.) or less.

Anonymous – Send message as anonymous without sender profile information.

Private - Send message privately to users who are interested in same hashtags. These type of message are not visible to everyone.

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